Induction Heating Machines is our niche


AlphaTherm Inductions was formed in the year 2020 as a dream to deliver the best in class induction heating machines


Long term customer engagement.Satisfying thorough needs of heat treatment across all industries


Transparency is only our strategy.We keep things clear & concise

Core Values

Trust,Respect and Commitment are our values which also defines AlphaTherm

Who We Are

We are AlphaTherm Inductions,manufacturing, providing service & also sales of various induction heating machines.

Our Policy

Customer safety and protection is our key policy, as they are the ones who drive us and keep motivating for business.

Our Process

We collect customer requirements, followed by a thorough & deep analysis.We initiate the assembly and integrate the parts.We test rigorously, before passing.You get it delivered

Why Choose Us ?

We have been providing services to various types of induction furnaces since 2017,covering different ranges of low frequency furnaces to medium frequency furnaces and fast heating technology comprised with IGBT Invertor based heating technology.We have been dealing from slow-start heating to ultra-fast heating equipments.

Our manufacturing service has started from 2020.Though we are new in this induction market,we have provided efficient and good quality machines.We have been dealing with wide range of industries who need heat treatment from Hardening, Forging, Brazing, Annealing, Shrink Fitting, Melting and Cooking Equipments based on inductions and also various other heat treatment.

We also provide complete guidance and help for semi automised and fully automised heat treatment machines.