Induction Forging

Induction Technology with heating for forging application needs frequency range of 3 to 50 kHz, depending on the desired length & cross sectional area to be heated.Almost any ferrous & non ferrous material could be heated in induction & forged for achieving desired heating temperature.

Induction forging has several key advantages over furnace forging. The speed and controllability of induction heating ensures high throughput. Induction minimizes oxidation and helps maintain metallurgical integrity. Since induction delivers precise, localized heat, it also saves energy. The consistency and repeatability of induction make it ideal for integrating into automated production lines.


There are many reasons why using induction heating instead of gas for brazing is clearly beneficial. Induction transfers more energy per square meter than an open flame, resulting in faster heating cycles—put simply, you produce more components per hour.

  • Billet

  • Bar

  • T-Bolt