This industry needs a very efficient & highly precise material quality with proper surface hardening & precised surface stiffness & elasticity.


Induction Heating process is used widely in Bearing Industry,for case hardening & shrink fitting of bearing on the shaft.


For frying,steaming,boiling,roasting etc. purpose as served through commercial kitchen induction heating equipments.

Gold & Silver Ornaments

Precious metal need more precise way to melt & processed,casting of gold,silver,platinum could be easily melted in Low Frequency Induction Melting Technology.

Nut-Bolts & Fasteners

The tools & fastner industry comprises of various range of tools,nut,bolts,drill bits,core bits,machining parts which need to be forged on Low Frequency Induction Heating.

Submersible Pumps

For the process of brazing of the rotor of Copper & Aluminium stampings.Also states heating & shrink fitting purposes are served successfully by Induction Heating process.

S.S Brass Forging

Brass & Gun Metal are very soft metal which need softening of metal by annealing to make proper moulding & forging for shaping.


Cast Iron,Mild Steel,Stainless Steel Grade 202,304,316,Brass,Copper,Bronze could be melted & processed at low frequency melting machines.

Utensils Manufacturing

Utensils manufacturing & various level moulding needs very precise way of shaping for this high frequency is needed,which could be achieved only by High Frequency Induction Heating.